What a smile can do

Gratitude 2: A smile.

During my training to handle customer support requests by phone, an admirable man told me to smile to through the – on average – 90 second call. Unsurprisingly, he pointed out that the caller would be able to hear it and would therefore improve the quality of the call. More surprising to me is how much of an improvement that makes to my whole day.

I do not quite smile when responding to the ring, but I make sure my voice is pleasant and welcoming, and I remain ready to laugh at the slightest piece of humor offered. I poke fun at myself for mis-spellings and they chuckle along with me. I am not a ham, and I don’t make it ridiculous, but my willingness to be pleasant sets up such a scenario that my caller is more relaxed and much more cooperative. Instead of accusative teeth grinding, I get the version of themselves that makes them pleased to have talked with me.

Though I no longer work with that gentleman, I think of him often. It is a large part of the reason I enjoy my job now and the next reason I have found, per my sister, to be grateful for small things.

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