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I’ve been despairing about missing last yesterday’s post. This is the conflict right here. My ‘repair’ process does not admit of chastising myself for being too unwell to post. It does require that I meet the small objectives I set myself, though – which proved too difficult to surmount yesterday.

I have had a tremendous two days of pain and exhaustion, so I have not been to the hospital. I am struggling with the idea that my less than critical health situation should take ascendancy over my sister’s more immediate need. Apart from being exhausted, I could picture a way in which my presence would help her if I lay down on the couch in her room, writhing in pain.

I must and will be there tomorrow with the upcoming surgery in the afternoon. I do not wish her to be unaccompanied before that. I do not know what to expect, pain wise. But it will, at least, be warm. And we have been told she has the best most experienced doctor at the hospital for this procedure.

So, one day at a time, still. One day at a time.

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