My house is a mess, my schedule is a mess, my mind is a mess.

I don’t know which to start on first. My mind, probably. To be able to think through all the things that need to be done. Then I get conflicted about the purely physical things that certainly need to get done…bed coverings to be washed, kitchen to tidy, bathrooms to wipe down.

Nothing seems sufficiently urgent for me to take action – despite the small progress being made with my sister’s plan of care today. She is feeling somewhat better than last night, and I am trying to celebrate that. I keep trying to get my self off the work schedule, but it is almost always down to the wire before I know. Difficult for me to plan, but who can blame them. The business must be run, whether I am employed there or not, and whether I show up or not.

It is all very messy. All of it.



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